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The #1 video editing app

ShrEDIT is revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry. Skyrocket your personal brand by bypassing the hassle of video editing. 


Download ShrEDIT today and start creating the best video content you've ever created.

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WHY join the ShrEDIT app


Making video easy

Video editing can be complicated, so we take that off your hands. Leave all the editing to us.


Saving time

We streamline the content creation process. We give you the ideas, you record the video, and we make it a masterpiece.


In the palm of your hand

World-class video editing right on your phone. No extra gear is needed. A content creation machine in your pocket!


No more waiting.

ShrEDIT is available today. All that you need to create fantastic videos in the palm of your hand. 
Available for iOS and Android.

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