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ShrEDIT Revision guidelines

Thank you so much for using ShrEDIT to edit your videos!

We understand that mistakes happen, and your videos might need revisions, and we are here to help you get the best video possible! 🤩

Guidelines for video revision:

Because we use real editors and do not rely solely on AI, any mistakes made on our behalf will be revised immediately. 😎

Scenarios that do not qualify for revisions:

Any videos where no instructions were given on:
- Title   
- B-roll     
- Images     
- Thumbnails     
- Caption colors     
- Video cuts 

If you feel that your revision falls outside these guidelines, please contact us at or visit our Terms page. 🤝

Thank you for using ShrEDIT! Keep sending videos, stay consistent, and SHREDIT! 🔥

Shred ON,

Shred team.

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